In 1978, The WOZPAK was a 300 page technical manual produced by Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange.  The poor resolution of copy machines and fax machines of the era made The WOZPAK an illegible and challenging to use collection of handwritten and typed notes.  This collection as a whole was provided to the A.P.P.L.E. by Apple Computer, Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak and then company president Mike Scott.  

       Now, more than 35 years later, we have revisited this piece of computing history, adding material that brings the page count to 350 pages and now proudly introduce The WOZPAK Special Edition: Steve Wozniak's Apple-1 & Apple II Computers.

       Upon first glance, The WOZPAK Special Edition appears to be a computer technical manual -- and it is! In what was the first expanded technical manual for the Apple II computer, The WOZPAK Special Edition gave users a means to understand its inner workings.

      Digging deeper into the book, one finds that they gain a window into the personal computing world of the 1970's and the computing creations of industry legend Steve Wozniak, Apple, Inc. co-founder. The WOZPAK Special Edition is a testament to the art of the personal computer at the dawn of the personal computing revolution and the methodologies with which Steve Wozniak chose to design his computers.

       Thanks to the encouragement of a number of computer industry legends, and the efforts of Apple historians, Brian Wiser and Bill Martens, we now have a completely refurbished and dramatically enhanced version of The WOZPAK.  The WOZPAK Special Edition comes complete with the original materials from The WOZPAK and The WOZPAK II as well as some new materials provided by Apple legends from their personal libraries.

       The WOZPAK Special Edition also includes forwards from Steve Wozniak, Randy Wigginton, Andy Hertzfeld, Keith Walls, Robert Clardy and Wendell Sander and is the book that The WOZPAK and The WOZPAK II were meant to be in 1978.

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